Terms of reference


The core membership will be:


The Forum acts as the focus for Crossrail consultation with Qualifying Authorities on planning matters.


The Forum is the main place for discussion with Qualifying Authorities about Crossrail powers on planning matters related to operational and non-operational land. The Forum will agree the interpretation of the planning powers provided in the Crossrail Act when they are exercised. The Forum deals with matters of line-wide generic interest or which apply to more than one Qualifying Authority. It deals with local detail only when an issue cannot be resolved directly with the appropriate nominated undertaker.


The principal activities of the Planning Forum are:

The activities of the Forum may be varied as appropriate in response to the progress of the Crossrail project.


The principal outputs of the Planning Forum will be:


An independent Chairman appointed by the local authority representatives will chair the Forum. The Crossrail Complaints Commissioner Secretariat will provide secretarial services. The Agenda and papers for the meeting will be circulated not less than 7 working days before the meeting and minutes of the meetings will be taken. Decisions at the Forum are made by consensus. The Forum will report on its activities to the High Level Forum annually and at such other times as may be considered necessary.

Sub Groups

The Forum has established sub groups to focus on issues at a more detailed level. It can convene any sub groups and working groups as necessary.


Meetings of the Planning Forum will be held at two monthly intervals or as agreed by the participants.